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New York City Criminal & Immigration Lawyer

When it comes to immigration matters, Musa-Obregon & Associates has a full range of services available to their clients in need of not only immigration, but protection from deportation as well as other critical issues. As one of the leading law firms in NYC providing skilled immigration law and criminal defense attorney services, we have over 50 years of combined experience and have helped numerous clients in their time of need.

Some of the issues we have resolved include motions to vacate, reduction and removal of criminal charges, criminal deportation, cancellation of removal, appeals, and Padilla claims. When it comes to crimes & immigration, we can vigorously defend you for DWI, child abuse, aggravated felonies, drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence, firearms offenses, and fraud related offenses. We know what effect a conviction can have on immigration status, which could lead to grounds for deportation, due to what is deemed as moral turpitude. We therefore take the necessary steps to aggressively defend you against the charges in order to protect your ability to remain in the United States.

Immigration Services and Criminal Defense Against Deportation

Obtaining legal status in the U.S. is not an easy task, with long and complex requirements needed to qualify for permanent residency or citizenship. Once you have achieved this goal, jeopardizing it with a criminal offense should be avoided at all costs. Our firm understands that sometimes situations come up that lead to an arrest. This does not mean that you are guilty, however, and you have every right to fight against the charges and seek exoneration. Our firm is committed to not only defending you against the charges you are facing, but to protect your legal status as an immigrant. Crimes deemed to be of moral turpitude can risk your status and immediately place you in a position of being deported. With our years of experience, we will use all available legal tools to avoid this situation.

Padilla vs. Kentucky

The issues surrounding criminal and immigration law are very complicated and often difficult to understand. Because of this confusion, mistakes often happen that lead to unfortunate and undesirable outcomes. Often, these mistakes are committed by an attorney who is inexperienced and unfamiliar with how these two legal areas intersect. In many cases, a conviction in a criminal trial has more severe and farther-reaching consequences for an immigrant than it would for anyone else convicted of the same crime. In the Supreme Court case Padilla vs. Kentucky, it was decided that deportation would be classified as a "severe penalty" in any criminal case. This court decision also declared that anyone faces a criminal charge must be informed of the possibility of being deported during the plea-bargaining process. Normally by pleading guilty for a crime, there is a high possibility that a non-citizen will be deported.

This decision places the burden on criminal defense attorneys to properly inform their clients of possible deportation consequences of entering into a plea bargain. The Supreme Court decided that all legal advisors must inform their clients of the risk under three circumstances. First, if the law is unambiguous, they must tell their clients that deportation will happen. Second, if the consequences of a conviction are unclear or uncertain, they must tell their clients that they may be deported. Third, lawyers must always provide some sort of advice about deportation. These three conditions fall under the 6th Amendment of the Constitution. Our experience has taught us to never take anything for granted. If you have any questions regarding your immigration status and how it will be affected during your criminal trial, we will do everything we can to answer them correctly. If we do not know an answer, you can be confident that we will not rest until we have uncovered the truth. The outcome of your trial is too important to leave to amateur or ignorant attorneys. Instead, work with our firm.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Don't be afraid to come forward and seek qualified and compassionate legal counsel. You have every right to a strong defense and to use the legal system to fight your charges. We will work diligently on your behalf to accomplish and resolve your legal situation. We offer our services to all cultures, with staff available to service you in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Haitian Creole and several Nigerian languages. Our legal team is dedicated to fighting for you. We care about the outcome of your criminal case. The decision that is made may have major ramifications on your immigration status. Do not leave this up to chance. Instead, work with a team that is dedicated to your cause and knows how to get the results you want. Contact an associate from Musa-Obregon & Associates right away.

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